Thursday, May 14, 2009

Camera image orientation

I was having a confusing problem where images taken from the iPhone camera were being displayed in the wrong orientation. I would take a photo in portrait and save the data to disk. Later when I retrieved the photo it would show up rotated 90 degrees.

The iPhone knows what orientation a photo is taken, and this orientation depends on how the camera is being held when you snap the photo. You can get the orientation value on a UIImage from the property imageOrientation.

When you save the photo, it is possible that this information could get lost, depending on the way you save it. If it does get lost, the UIImageView will assume the photo was taken as a left-side landscape photo, and display it with that orientation.

I ran into a problem when trying to save the camera image with UIImagePNGRepresentation(). For some reason this loses the orientation info. I switched to UIImageJPEGRepresentation() and all is well now.

So basically if you run into the problem, you have 2 choices: Be sure you use a format that preserves orientation data, or rotate the UIImage data directly before saving it to a file.

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Vargo said...

Thanks, good information! I ran into this same issue with an iPad app. I had to pre-rotate it before converting it to png.