Tuesday, December 9, 2008

iDVD with a PC burner

So you have a Mac with iDVD, but no superdrive (DVD burner.) However, you have this trusty old PC with a DVD burner. Wouldn't it be nice to burn your iDVD projects on the PC's burner? Well you can, and here is how:

1) Once your iDVD project is ready for burning, go to File->Save as disc image. This will save the project as an .img file.

2) In the finder, double click the .img file. This will mount the image.

3) Open Disc Utility. Click on your mounted image on the left pane and click "Convert". Choose the "CD Master .cdr" option. This will create a .cdr file.

4) Copy the .cdr file to a place where you can access it from your PC. Rename *.cdr to *.iso.

5) On the PC, Use your favorite DVD burner software to burn the .iso image to a DVD. I like ImgBurn, it's free and easy to use.

That's it, hope that helps!

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