Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sharing speakers with Windows XP

I have a mac mini that I want to share the computer speakers on my PC with. No problem, just run a 1/8 inch male-male stereo cable from the line-out (headphone jack) on the mini to the line-in on the PC (usually a blue colored jack, check your PC/motherboard manual.)

Once that is in place, pull up the volume controls in XP (double click the speaker in the system tray), go to options->properties, check the "Line In" option. This enables line-in and places the input controls on your volume control panel. Now adjust your line-in volume. I left mine all the way up.

That's it, your sound card should pass the line-in sound through to your line-out.

Some instructions I found online say to get a Y-splitter and run both computers line-out to the speakers. Not only can this create unwanted line-noise, but you can easily damage the sound cards of your computers. Passing the sound through one of the computers is the safest way to go, and only requires one cable.

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